What is Phyzeek?

With Phyzeek, you can find the perfect way to get in a good workout, no matter where you are or what your favorite way to exercise is. Whether you are looking for a trainer, a nutritionist, a group fitness class, or a one-on-one fitness consultation, you can see which Phyzeek trainers are offering that service nearby. Request their services and get ready to take a step in the right direction!

On-Demand Training & Coaching

Phyzeek currently offers users the ability to find local health and fitness experts in their area and request on-demand training services.

Fitness Tracking

In addition to access to top trainers in your area, you will also be able to track your workouts, and enter your nutritional in-take to help provide your trainer with key data specific to you

Nutritional Tracking

Keep track of your nutritional intake, with our user friendly and multi-functional nutrient tracker that you can share with coaches and discuss in real time to get real results

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